Tamara Shamansky

Information is powerful. This site was created to give others the hope and strength to press on and support those who are or have been victims of stalkers!


If you are still reading this you, like me, are likely being harrassed and or stalked by another or worse yet may have been victimized by a stalker. Remember, you are not alone and its not your fault but we need to stand up against our attackers if we are to ever have a chance of having our voices heard and also to bring those criminals, who break the law and endanger our lives, to justice. 

I STRONGLY advise and encourage those going through this to seek qualified legal counsel and also utlize the tool sand information contained below. YOU can make it and you WILL succeed! DONT GIVE UP.

Remember belief and prayer are also strong support tools. In addition to the steps and resources I have included, and will continue to add more, prayer and faith are incredibly powerful and should not be disregarded as a solid resource. Here is one of my favorite verses that has helped me, past and present, and I believe will help you too...

Phillipians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.
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Links! There is a wealth of information about stalking, domestic violence, and personal safety on the Internet. Take advantage of our list and use it as a starting point for your search for more information.

  Getting Assistance Offline  

Search our ever-evolving list of resources and locations for a place to go, a hotline to call, or a supportive community to join. You are not alone.

  Contact info  

The organization exists outside of cyberspace. For more information about our non-profit or to contact anyone in the organization, write to us.

  Reading list  

There are a wealth of books out there that may have the information you need to prevent stalking, protect yourself from violence, or help you recover your equilibrium. New books are being added all the time, so check back for the latest information.

  Purchase pamphlets/brochures  

For your own use or the use of your organization, we provide printed pamphlets covering subjects such as what stalking is, how to regain control of your life, and what to do if stalking happens to you. Also available is our printed one-page brochure If You’re Being Stalked.

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