Tamara Shamansky

Take Action:

Take Action

Here are some critical items you can do to prepare yourself and protect yourself. The longer a stalker is free the more bolden they become. It is during these times you can collect some of the best evidence to help you, not only, build your case against them for the courts but to protect your name reputation and self confidence.

Be Prepared


Remember you may be more prepared than you think. Many items you already carry with you could be the key to helping you get more evidence and build a stronger case against the stalker who is harrassing you. Simple items like cell phones contain cameras and photos are always solid evidence. Keep a pen and something to write on to notate incidents including, time, place and what occured.

Inform neighbors and co workers

Many people do not want to take this critical step as they feel it attracts attention to them and opens up a potential that they are the ones doing something wrong. Remember, anyone who is your friend and judges or walks away during a time like this is most likely not your firend to begin with. Inform them to keep all information they may receive and to notify you immediately. Handle any mailed documents / letters with caution as you may be able to collect finger prints, DNA or other evidence.

Document Everything

Keep a journal and record everything you can. Dates times what event occured etc. The better prepared and the more information you have properly recorded and timelined the better your case to lenghtne the stay behind bars and the better the sentence and conviction you will get against the stalker.


With the rate at which the world is changing daily, and how information is diseminated, it is often difficult to know where the boundaries lie. Remember to keep your cool, stand strong, document everything, photograph anything you can and consult with your local authorities, legal counsel and internet for answer and help.
Tamara Shamansky
Victims advocate
Denver CO

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